Exersize ?????????????? ouch !!!

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Exersize ?????????????? ouch !!!

Postby moonlight » Tue Jul 08, 2008 8:55 pm

Hi guys

Hope everyones better than how I am just now :cry:

I've not written for a while about my RLS being a problem........but....
was up this morning at 3am taking codeine......had wriggled for three hours and could wriggle no more....got three hours sleep.I should have got up earlier but was too tired and kept thinking it will go away....ha ha ha .

Today I went to the gym did a lot more than usual including lifting weights with my legs....DON'T do it......I am suffering can't stay still,constantly moving even now at the computer......RLS agony and if that wasn't bad enough my fippin arthritis in my hips has flared up....oh well I guess I won't be doing that exersize again...ouch! :cry:

At least I know the codeine will work but will wait till bed before taking it,
I really hope that this is not the start of RLS returning ...it's been great having a break from it.

moonlight xxx :cry:
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