what I've eliminated diet-speaking....

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what I've eliminated diet-speaking....

Postby The Artist in the Mirror » Mon Aug 18, 2008 12:08 pm

after a week of this.... so far the results.... saccharine was was a major aggravator... sweet and low is now banned from my life. *poof* gone. My rls improved so much its hard to believe.

I didnt believe aspartame was bothering me so i drank a caffine free soda with it in the evening and within 45 min had to take the requip early... it wasnt as bad as the saccharine but i def. started getting symptoms. also had to take a third one at some point during the night.

as a test last night i drank a CAFFINATED diet soda sweetened with splenda in the evening and had no symptoms.... so that was sort of reaffirming my change to splenda in the morning. and that it isnt that im using it in the morning but that it isnt bothering me at all... last night i also didnt have to take a third pill in the middle of the night which was really really nice.

Thats all for now :)


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