RLS in my arms

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RLS in my arms

Post by john_a »

Just wondering, does anyone here experience the sensations of RLS in their arms?

The thing is, I get RLS in my legs when sitting in the evening, however, when I go to bed, the RLS sensations go to my arms, like the feeling of electricity in them and having to move them. I think the meds are keeping a check on the legs, but it's just as distressing to get the symptoms in my arms.

If anyone else has experienced this I would be interested to hear.


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Post by Neco »

Many of us experience RLS in our arms, as well as almost any other place in the body.

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Post by john_a »

It's been specific to my arms of late, when trying to get to sleep. I don't know if this is an obscurity or a progression, or a result of the meds.

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Post by HeatherB »

I was having symptoms in my arms when the RLS was bad. I haven't had any symptoms in just about 5 weeks now though.

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Post by john_a »

It seems to be getting worse for me, in my arms when I go to bed and start to drift off. It wakes me up.

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Post by HeatherB »

John, are you on any meds for your RLS?

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Post by bradyferguson »

Bro I have RLS in close to my entire body. Is it the progression of this desease or is caused by the meds.. at this point I dont think that anyone can say for sure. depending on the meds that your taking some may cause augmentation(when you experience daytime symptoms).

Some nights for me it is just generalized in my arms and then it seems to travel through my entire body. My one leg will be f..... and then it goes away buy it alway seems to pop up somewhere else for me.

I must say though this has got to be the most messed up disease on the planet. I know your pain on this one for sure.

im at the point now though that i would run thru a mens prison naked yelling "I need a hug" if that would bring me relief.

That might not be the information your looking for but i hope it made you laugh

take care


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Post by mackjergens »

If the rls started in your arms after starting rls meds, it could be the meds that are causing the increased rls in arms. its called augumentation and most of the Pakinson meds such as requip and mirapex are known o cause augumentation in many people and for some it does happen just after starting the meds, please research and read all about rebound and augumentation in RLS and then talked to your Dr, you might need to change meds.

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Post by Polar Bear »

Yeah John, I had symptoms in my arms long before I started any meds. Not as bad and not as often as in the legs, but often enough !!
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Post by Momo »

yea, i get it in my arms as well, well its in my whole body, but in my legs and arms the worst

and i havent been on meds for it
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Post by SquirmingSusan »

I've always had the creepy-crawlies in my arms, since I was a kid. Usually my left arm. I used to beat on it until I had bruises. When I was younger I could take a Tylenol and it would go away. Now I still have it, plus in my legs. Actually I had "growing pains" in my legs that was probably RLS.

Some things get better with age. RLS is not one of them.

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Post by Aiken »

I get it in my right shoulder+scapula and upper arm.

It's not unusual at all...
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Post by WAM »

I get RLS in my arms too.
The exact sensation as my legs and always more intense on my right side...just like in my legs too. And it's enough to keep me awake, just like in my legs.
Come to think of it, I hate it in my arms worse than my legs.
Good luck with it John, hope you find relief.
God Bless

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Post by jasteen »

:D :arrow: i had it too in the arms when i tried requip and mirapex. that stuff didn't work for me. i also just tried lyrica for anyone who wants to know it did not work and seems to make my restless legs go crazy. the only thing that works for me is pain killers. percocet is what i take and it works. but it does not last now after 3 and a half yrs. it dowsn't work all night so i had these other pills called tramadol. they are working so i can sleep for 8 hours with no problem. its a blessing. any questions pm me ok!!! bye everyone :?: :)

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