Something Doeyed Said, every one is welcome.

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Something Doeyed Said, every one is welcome.

Post by becat »

In the thread started by Alan, about the bowels/IBS and RLS, was there a connection?

Doeyed wrote this in one of her post. It struck me hard today. It made me stop........really caught, on pause button, stopped. I wanted to really read that again. Her perfect rant and why they are good for all of us.

Read this and then response if you care to. How did it reach you?

Doeyed said:
I also think they should document the endless problems people have with work after they are diagnosed with RLS. And they ought to photograph people's houses inside before and after RLS... I happen to have those photographs, and when I first found the older one, I cried and cried. I could not believe how beautiful my home once was. Of course, I have back problems, too. And I've gone a little crazy, too. But I also have RLS.

Yup, The picture before RLS had really taken a good bite out of me. I have asked myself that very wuuestion far too many times. It's not a good path to let your brain go, even though some days it just does.

For the most part I am a blessed and happy person. However, I need sleep, the new eyes it gives to a day. I do smile alot, even at home my furry family bring me much joy and sanity.
Yes, I have pain/wish to have the longest nails to reach that place, everyday and it builds through out the day, that is what it is in my life. At my stage of education and experience, I deal with it most of the time. Or it's an issue that is in the fore front, but is managed.

However, I so totally understanf thr unknoen butdrn you were feeling when you wrote it. It echoed through my head and I knew it.
Its been a nbig coupkle of yrs for my body, not much of it good. I have made promises and will fulfill them, but they stand in line....but at what price?

The picture of my life before the RLS grips got to tight to ignore or soothe away. I'd love to see that.
I would cry. My husband and I married (13 yrs ago) and 6 months later I broke my leg and changed our lives.
I was near lifeless at times and I know it. I understand not being able to do the most simply of tasks and crying my eye out.
A great regret in my own heart, my sweet man had married a lively, happy, smart woman. How much has so honestly changed?

Again I'm blessed, he is a one of a kind and all mine. :D He's proactive with my doc and my treatment, maybe better than just support, hes a small army.

I liked the comment idea and see, a good rnat can bring on something missing in our paths or matbe they are there to.

Hugs and just like the topic.

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Post by Neco »

I don't technically own the house I live in...

But, I haven't properly cleaned my bathroom in over a year.. Personally I think I'm just lazy and hate having my back hurt so much afterwards.. I don't know if I'd blame it on my RLS though, lol.. I do clean up the sink, toilet, and floor around the toilet on ocassion, but never do a proper "empty the room and scrub it all down".

I've definitely let myself go though.. I went almost a whole months without showering recently.. It was very odd, guess that's something to discuss with my psychologist.

I suspect the whole not leaving the house except for 1 day of work every week and quick trips to the local store also has something to do with reinforced behavior and not feeling dirty at the time.

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Post by Aiken »

I've always been a slob, but between RLS and the thoracic outlet syndrome I got last year, plus the depression they generated, I just didn't want to do a damned thing around the house, and it got really bad. I'm feeling sort of okay these days and I've slowly gotten things back under control, but it wouldn't take much at all to get back to the "I just don't f---ing want to, leave me alone," mode.
Disclaimer: I often talk about what I do and what works for me, but these are specific to me and you should always consult a healthcare professional before trying these things yourself, lest you endanger your health or life.

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Post by HeatherB »

Aiken, I know what it is like to try to do to much with having thoracic outlet syndrome. Which shoulder do you have it in? If you don't mind me asking, what is your doctor doing about it?

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Post by ctravel12 »

Hey Lynne you started a good thread. I have always been a neat freak but lately with having rls I just do not care and that is not me. My place is still clean but it could be better.

My get up and go has gotten up and went away.

Hubby is out of town and will be gone for about a month and thought now is a good time to do things. I had to literally force myself today to wash my floors and vacuum.

I do not have the same stamina that I used to have and I want that back. I just feel out of sorts right now and do not know why. I have not been on the board for a while and hope to get back into the swing of things.
Taking one day at a time

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Post by Scarlett46 »

I really hate the person I've become lately...

I have always been the smiley happy face - the positive thinking - things will get better kind of person.

Now that I'm always tired...
I hardly smile - As a matter of fact, I get headaches from clenching my jaw while stressing about everything.

I drag my heels when I walk - I used to love the crisp 'click click' of my high heels on the warehouse floor.

My house is a mess - I spent this entire weekend catching up on 9 loads of laundry that hadn't been touched in far too long.

I find myself blowing off my family when they have stories to tell me of their day - I'm just too tired to comprehend what seems so long-winded.

All things that I somehow need to find a way to deal with and fix, for sure!
I can certainly relate to the posts in this thread...
"After all... Tomorrow is another day!"

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Post by Polar Bear »

I totally relate to all you guys/gals here.

I was also a bit of a neat freak and would still try to be but can't just do it the same. I am just soo.... tired.

Scarlett... The happy smiley face still manages to appear most of the time.... but a lot of the time it is only from the teeth outwards.

And I reckon this is cos we don't want others to think we are a misery to be with.
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Post by dogeyed »

Hey Becat & others,
I think my quote was part of a rant about how I got screwed over by a doc or about how broke I was. I did finally get my disability, but had to list my back as my main problem, with RLS down the list. I had a doc tell me that he thought my back triggered the RLS. My back was fractured in a car wreck years ago, and over the years, it has crumbled and gotten a lot worse. So, I think, while RLS is THE most aggravating of my problems, a confounded goofup to drag around, RLS is sometimes triggered by other things.

My RLS is unlike any of my other pains. It is this gnawing, paralyzing, very uncomfortable thing, just don't feel like doing nothin most of the time. But now my meds, when I'm good and drunk on those, I don't pay attention to it. But my body still does, because I limp, my legs are stiff, I can't stand long or sit long. Laying down is all I can do comfortably, and when the medications wear off, oh they drive me nuts.

But despite everything, I still have the WILL to try to do things a little better, and I have managed about every six months to drag myself through some unpacking (we moved two-and-one-half years ago), and I have hopes that eventually I'll get this house in SOME sort of order.

But I will not ever be the person I was ten years ago, no matter how hard I try. I am limited, and the main reason is that dang RLS. Last week, after a new doc at my family practice goofed up my prescriptions, I almost ran out of my medication for it. I was absolutely miserable, and I got those "full body" jerks that some of us RLS people get, and talk about depressed! Oh, I was in a dark place.

Well, anyway, I don't know what I'm saying here, just wanted to say hello since I got brought up here. Yes, it's sort of sad when you realize you ain't gonna be 100 percent no more. But just like everyone knows, you got your good days where things do go rather better, especially as pertains to mood, and secondarily as pertains to how much your body hurts.

My latest project in home-cleaning (like I said, about every six months I work up the courage to work blindly through the pain), is to unpack and sort of straighten up one end of the house, which is a bedroom, bath, and hallway. It'll be like climbing Mount Everest. But I've trekked up there figuratively many times, and I'm now almost ready to crash into the work.

I read somewhere that, for example, the way a person keeps their desk, if it's all messed up, that's what the inside of their brains look like. If this is true, my house most definitely looks the way my mind must look. I keep thinking if I could at least get it to where it don't look like a homeless person lives here, maybe I'll feel better for it.

Keep on truckin, and hang in, Becat.

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