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Faith Healing

Posted: Tue Oct 21, 2008 7:31 pm
by Polar Bear
A neighbour of mine who suffers from mental health problems went to a faith healer and she is now feeling wonderful. Her husband says she is keeping really well, cannot remember her ever being so well.

My question is, has anyone here ever tried faith healing for rls. This faith healer has a web site. He is a priest and his name is Father Hal Somerville. He will be holding a clinic locally in the very near future. I wonder what anyone else may know about faith healing.

Thank you

Posted: Tue Oct 21, 2008 8:11 pm
by Aiken
Maybe check in with the Non-Pharma section? I wouldn't be surprised if there are people who only read some of the specific forums.

Posted: Tue Oct 21, 2008 8:24 pm
by Polar Bear
Thanks Aiken, I already read all of the forums, tho haven't done a search.

Posted: Tue Oct 21, 2008 10:19 pm
by becat
Hey PB,

I have really thought about it before. I would like to go to the Cherokee reservation for a healing, but have chickened out every time.

But, hmmmmmmmm maybe. LOL

Hugs to you PB

Posted: Wed Oct 22, 2008 7:06 am
by Polar Bear
Hey, like the hair Aiken !!!

Hi Becat, Well... I have made an appointment with this faith healer for the Saturday coming. Feel rather nervous about it, having never done this sort of thing before.

You will hear more in due course. :roll: :roll:

Posted: Wed Oct 22, 2008 10:18 am
by cornelia
I wonder what the researchers would say about this? I myself don't believe at all in these things, but it can't do much arm I guess. Remember that the placebo effect can work for months..... Anyway, I wish you luck: if it works it works!


Posted: Wed Oct 22, 2008 12:55 pm
by pedrime
I used to find that stuff a little hoky but here in Ohio we have a renowned healer, Dr. Nemeh. My mom's cardiac damage was completely healed after she saw him. Her cardiologist was in shock. I don't understand it, but personally I'm open to anything.


Posted: Wed Oct 22, 2008 4:58 pm
by Sojourner
Lynne, What is it about the Cherokee reservation faith healing that makes you "chicken out.."?


Posted: Wed Oct 22, 2008 7:28 pm
by Polar Bear
'chicken out' ?? its maybe the fear of the unknown.

Posted: Thu Dec 04, 2008 12:05 am
by Polar Bear
Hi everyone, I've waited a little while to update this post.

I went to the faith healer at the end of October and talked to him about rls, general tiredness from the resultant poor sleep. We also talked about the choking sensation that I had, neck/throat/chest etc. My sore neck, back and shoulders. It was with me every waking moment.

We talked about symptoms, work and life in general, even about what he thought should be done to bankers and governments for their ineptitude!! Eventually he got to the faith healing part, prayed, and gave me two little prayers that I should say daily for the 30 days of healing.

Since then things have been better. Within a day or so the tightness in my throat and chest had eased considerably and I have been pretty much without those symptoms since that time. Also I don't have the pain at my neck and back any more which I always had when working at the computer/desk.

I feel much calmer, and able to deal with work issue (another story) without being concerned about it in the way that I was. With regard to the rls, not a great deal of difference there. But sleep is a little better, still not great.

Is this a placebo effect... I don't know. I was and am willing to believe that he could help. As Cornela said, a placebo effect could work for months and if that is what this is.... I'm happy to accept that.

Yes, the choking/tightness could have been stress/anxiety, and perhaps my willingness to accept healing has eased that stress, if that is what it was. I have no idea. I do know that I wanted help, and that he offered to help.

In the last month I have not taken the diazepam that doc gave me to ease the symptoms, tho I hadn't taken very much of it beforehand, even tho I felt I needed help.

Whether this is faith healing working, or placebo, I can only guess. Skeptics will say placebo...... I reckon whatever works.......

Posted: Fri Dec 05, 2008 7:51 pm
by becat
Hi PB,

I was so glad to log on today and see that you had gone.

Placebo or not, if you feel better, THAT COUNTS! I will continue, as I always do, to fill the moon in support of your healing. Healing in that your stress feels less and that your sleep might be coming back to you.

Heck, I fill the moon every night for that very thing for all of us or at least some peace of mind and body. Know that your in my prayers always PB!

SoJ........ yeah I would say the unknown and the known about healing ceremonies. I have a wonderful friend that is as close to a practicing shawmen (sp?) and I have heard stories about days of being alone. Not that, that part bothers me.

I am not correctly or currently on the Cherokee Rolls, but I do believe my grandmother is and was made to sign up for them. There is a typo on the rolls, has to be a typo, and I believe that she is there.......
I don't come off looking all that American Indian, but both sides of my family are, full blood within G-Grandmothers. If I'm really tan you can really tell, but first glance, probably not.
I just don't want to disrespect them by asking or anything like that. Plus, with the dispute about our connection, I am more of the mind to take a step back anyhow. Again, out of respect.
I know what to offer for the ceremony and the medicine man's or woman's time, just don't know hoe to go about it.

Honestly, I would love to do it anyway. Who knows, maybe one day.

Hugs to all

Posted: Fri Dec 05, 2008 7:53 pm
by Polar Bear
Lynne, that is a wonderful history that you have.