just whining today

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just whining today

Post by dogeyed »

Well, my medication usually controls my RLS pain, as well as back pain that I have from a car wreck and breaking my back in three places. But today reminds me once again how scary and awful the situation can get for RLS sufferers. Those who have this and are struggling, my heart goes out to you, always.

It is cold today where I live, and I had to go to the grocery store. This is always a chore I dread, because of the discomfort of being up and about and how that pain confuses my thinking. And it always takes me a couple days to get over it. Today, after I got home, put up the groceries, and tried to get comfortable on the couch, I was in absolute misery from doing this one simple task that everyone has to do, going to the store.

It has been a couple hours now, and I swear I feel like I'm dying. I have not been able to get the chill out of my bones. My back injury hurts so much that I am near tears, my legs hurt something fierce from top to bottom, my feet hurt, my lungs are burning from breathing in the cold air, and, well, I'm just absolutely at my wit's end. In a few minutes, I'll have to take my afternoon dose of medication a little early, which always poses a problem later in the evening when I don't space the medicine out correctly during the day. I had to turn the heat up real high, and turn on my heating pad, and put on a coat, and I'm still cold.

I am truly desperate for relief. But despite feeling the worst I've felt in many months, I remind myself that I have so much to be grateful for. I did finally get financial assistance from the government, I don't have to work, I have a well-insulated house and the heat pump works great, I have two dogs to help me in all things emotional, a good husband who has done his best to shoulder a lot of the stuff I used to do around the house, a family who sees me and telephones me, friends who email me, and medicine that usually works... I don't know what I would do if I didn't have the drugs to at least take the edge off, so I feel especially sorry for those who cannot find an RLS-educated physician to help them properly with their treatment.

But one of the most important positive things I have as relates to RLS is I can come to this forum, and have been for years, and I always get all the sympathy and support I could possibly want, and the internet is such a blessing that I can do this, as well as the person who originally began this organization and forum.

So, thank you all for listening, and I hope my whining today will help others who deal with the discomfort of RLS and related problems on a daily basis with no relief in sight. It is very hard to endure, it can drive you insane (and some have gone crazy), it hurts enough to make a person cry, and thus quality of life goes right straight down the drain whilst in the throws of "an attack." God bless all the people who are trying to right this wrong in health care. And for those who are suffering, may it help you to know that, hey, you are not alone, for on a daily basis, hundreds are in exactly the same place as you are, just like I am today.

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Post by runner1 »

hi dogeyed,

I'm new to this site,but not to the misery of rls!
Hope you find some relief today,you have my every sympathy.

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Post by Polar Bear »

Dogeyed, I hope your days get better. xx
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Post by ViewsAskew »

I hate to say that was a great post because I don't mean it's great that you feel the way you do today. That part is rotten. But, your perspective made me smile and remember that mine isn't so bad, either. Thank you for that.
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Post by HeatherB »

Dogeyed I hope your day gets better very soon. In the mean time find a warm pair of socks and put the close to the heat vent. Then go soak you feet in warm water and s soon as you dry them through those warm socks on! It helps me, maybe it will help you too!

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Post by Sojourner »

D, Hoping you will find some peace and respite this night.

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Post by SquirmingSusan »

Thanks for the post, GG. Most days I try to forget how much this disease has affected my life, and then I get down on myself for not getting everything done that I think I should be doing. But when I read other people's descriptions of what the RLS does, I so relate to it, and can cut myself some slack.

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Post by Momo »

Thanks for your post. I agree with everyone else. i hope you feel better.
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Post by dogeyed »

Thanks everyone for your support. Heather, after I posted, I did put my socks on the heat vent, and it did help. That day scared me a lot. Last night I noticed one of my legs was jerking around. I guess like summer makes RLS worse, perhaps winter does too somehow. Thanks again all.

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Post by HeatherB »

I'm glad it helped!

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Post by waterloo2 »

Hi there

I have had rls for a while now and i have bad
arthiritis too am riddled with it nothing works
for me and am feeling down just now, hope
you get better soon.

:roll: :roll: :roll:

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