Thanks to all who posted re: RLS/migraine

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Thanks to all who posted re: RLS/migraine

Postby Sara » Sun Feb 06, 2005 4:26 pm

Hello, all--

I've not had much time at the computer this week, and now I can't seem to get a reply page for that thread.

Just wanted to say, however, that I have been reading all the responses with interest. As I mentioned, I have not had migraines recently, so obviously there's no correlation in ME for increase of one leading to the increase of the other. As a matter of fact, my worst period of migraine activity tapered off, as I recall, about the same time my RLS activity started to really progress and increase, interestingly enough.

But I sure had an early onset of RLS that day I had the migraine, and it seemed worth mentioning, since we here have noticed that there is a portion of the RLS population that also struggles with migraine.

Can't recall all the interesting comments I wanted to address (and if I can get back on that thread at a later date, I will. But I did think that Becat's comment was fascinating, about aspirin having perhaps a negative effect on RLS symptoms. In THIS instance, I would assume that the two were not related, since the RLS was there within minutes (like 2 or 3). Perhaps someone much smarter than me can weigh in on the time it takes for aspirin to get into one's system. :wink:

However, it does seem like an interesting tidbit of information, since I HAVE taken primarily aspirin products, except when I was pregnant, for pain since my early twenties. Acetominophen never seems to work very well for me, and I have a negative history with ibuprofen products. I'll have to add that to the list of things to consider when my RLS is particularly troublesome, and see if there is any noticeable correlation.

Take care everybody.
Sara :D

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