Weaning off Klonopin

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Hey Heather!

I hope all is well for you, and that you have found success in alleviating your fears about Klonopin. I feel I might be able to provide a little insight for you.

I am 23. I have been taking 2mg Klonopin 4-6 times daily for over a year.

I have a rather severe case of RLS, which had led to a host of additional problems. Mostly the constant sleepiness and extreme anxiety that goes along with it.

The tapering you are doing, as instructed by your doctor, is the most effective and safe way of getting off of it. I will say this though, to try and put your mind a little at ease. I have successfully STOPPED taking the Klonopin, even at these high doses.

Cold turkey! Not enjoyable, but a possibility! Again, hope all is well and that you've found the remedies that best suit you!

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