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WED Foundation Webinars

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Learn More. Attend an upcoming Webinar!

Join other interested individuals around the world to learn more about Willis-Ekbom disease (WED), also known as restless legs syndrome or RLS. Educational opportunities are available via webinars or at local support group meetings. All events are free-of-charge but the webinars do require pre-registration.

Learn more about:
- complementary/alternative approaches to manage WED/RLS symptoms (March),
- triggers and coping strategies (April),
- how to create a working relationship with your WED/RLS healthcare provider (May).

Other topics are in early planning stages, so check the website to explore new offerings.
Thursday, March 14: Complementary Alternative Medicines
Monday, April 22: Triggers and Coping
Thursday, May 9: Working with your Healthcare Provider

Please take note that [as of today] the Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS) Foundation will be doing business as the Willis-Ekbom Disease (WED) Foundation. Our mission remains the same, but our materials and website will reflect the change.
Until we find a cure,

Georgianna Bell
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