Help me to sort this out: Histamines, PPIs and gastric acid

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Re: Help me to sort this out: Histamines, PPIs and gastric a

Postby badnights » Mon Sep 07, 2015 4:48 am

synaptic density would be more synapses, which happens when neurons grow more dendrites (and maybe also more protuberances(?) on the axons?) This would increase the number of synapses (connective gaps) between neurons. Receptors sit on the end of the dendrites, waiting for molecules released from the axon of the adjacent neuron.

So, if receptors are built simply as a consequence of synapses increasing, then yes. But I imagine it takes more than Mg to do either thing.
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Re: Help me to sort this out: Histamines, PPIs and gastric a

Postby figflower » Mon Sep 07, 2015 5:33 am

Never say never, what about this, from whence came my current Uridine trial: ... receptors/


Re: Help me to sort this out: Histamines, PPIs and gastric a

Postby figflower » Mon Sep 07, 2015 5:37 am

Bedtime story, nite nite:

Natural Miracles Discovered As Stomach Flu Hits Jaco

13 February 2013 872 views 10 Comments

The good news is that it seems this virulent stomach flu virus has run its course here in Jaco. It mostly affected those under stress and the young and old alike. Myself would fall under the category of “Under Stress” and it really hammered me to a point where I nearly died from severe dehydration. I was lucky enough to have a Cuban doctor here in Jaco who came to my house and immediately diagnosed my immediate condition and treated me with IV Saline Solution to rehydrate my body. My blood pressure was very low while my heart rate was racing like I was on a treadmill. The virus started with very vigorous vomiting then followed by severe diarrhea. Leaving the side effects of this virus unchecked for 3 days almost caused me to lose my life from lack of blood pressure. Once I began to recovery from the virus, the fallout resulted in a fluctuation of my electrolytes so much so, that once I was out of the woods, I began to have a condition called Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS). I do not know which was worse but anyone with RLS I do not envy and feel very bad for them. The disruption of sleep from RLS is nerve racking and exhausting.

The creepy feature of RLS is that it only seems to come alive when you want to go to sleep. I cannot characterize it but if you experience it, you will never forget the feeling. I think calling it Restless Leg Syndrome is a misnomer since it should be called “Want to Chop Your Legs Off Syndrome.” It is that frustrating and I could not sleep until I was totally physically exhausted.

So what does all of this have to do with miracles? I just spent the first two paragraph explaining a nightmare story which I would not want anyone to go through. Unfortunately as our species moves about in jet planes our immune systems ability to combat virus vectors is pushed to the limit. The result is fast moving viruses that are becoming more and more virulent. Alright, so what is the good news?

After my initial treatment to prevent dehydration, the Cuban doctor named Hector began to treat the symptoms which was primarily severe stomach cramping and continuous diarrhea. He started me on a typical regimen of peristaltic anti-spasmodic medicine to relieve the cramping in my intestines. However after 3 days the symptoms still persisted and the pain was terrible that taking the medicine every four hours was simply not enough. My son’s grandmother suggested that I use Guava leaves to alleviate the diarrhea. Since I was so desperate, I was willing to try anything. So Guava leaves were brought to my house fresh off of a tree on Calle Nacion here in Jaco and strip from the branch and then rinsed lightly to clean them and then added to water and set to boil until it became the color of dark tea or light coffee. I am not what you would call a holistic or natures remedy person but I must proclaim that this was a miracle. Within, 20 minutes my stomach pain went away and I no longer was having to go to the bathroom every 15 minutes. The Guava leaf tea reduced my diarrhea to once every hour and then the next day once every six hours and then finally I was beginning to get hungry. After, 6 days I got an appetite and I can truly say that this Guava leaf tea was directly responsible for the quick recovery I experienced after being treated conventionally with Western medicine. For those who want to know, I was told to drink the tea, one cup, every 12 hours but I drank it more like once every 6 hours since it really was the only thing that tasted good and did not cause cramping in my stomach. I literally lived on it for 3 days until the 6th day where I was able to begin eating chicken flavored rice. I will add a link at the bottom for those who are interested in learning more about Guava Leaf Tea or Guava Leaf Extract.

Right outside my front door

However, there is more to this story. So once I began to get better, I began to suffer from the electrolyte imbalance which according to the doctor was causing my Restless Leg Syndrome. The solution for this was not Gatorade since it has sugar. The solution Hector explained was outside my front door, Coconut Water or what we call here in Costa Rica Agua Pipa. It turns out that Coconut water is gods miracle water or natures Gatorade without the sugar and massive sodium. With the help of the next door kids, they picked and cut me 6 pipa’s each day which gave me about half-gallon of Coconut water. After 4 days of drinking the Agua Pipa my RLS symptoms began to disappear.

So the moral to this story is that I will no longer turn a blind eye to nature rememdies but will explore them with a new light from this experience. I am glad to know that here in Costa Rica nature provides us with a bounty of natural medicinal products which we can harvest sustainably to promote our health and treat the sick. I can assure you the next time when I experience diarrhea I will be sending someone to Calle Nacion to grab a branch of leaves from the Guava tree and brew me up some of natures great tea.

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