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VOTE! Help the Foundation!

Posted: Tue Jun 07, 2016 9:30 pm
by ViewsAskew
The Foundation entered a Storymaker's contest with a video about augmentation. But, we ALL need to vote - and like in Chicago, vote early and vote often :-).

It may be a bit tricky to get signed up to vote. It didn't work for me that way the eFriend's newsletter indicated. Here is what worked for me - I joined the YouNoodle site by registering my email. I cannot verify how it works for a Facebook, twitter or LinkedIn log in.

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Go to this page.

2. Once here, find the Foundation's video.
There are a LOT of them, so you'll have to search for it either one row at a time, or by using your search engine's search function. I use Firefox and used CTRL+F to bring up the search box. Search for the word Restless. That will take you to the video. If you simply look row after row, it's about 50 rows down, 4 from the left, and you will see the title, "The Restless Legs Syndr.."

3. Join or Log in.
If you are not a member of YouNoodle you have to join log in through Facebook before you can vote. Click on the vote button, which will bring up a window to join or log in through Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. I joined with my email address.

4. Verify your registration.
Go to your email to verify your registration by clicking on a link.

5. Go back to the link in Step 1 above and click on it again. You need a new instance of the website opened and to log in to the site.

6. Find the video again.

7. Click on the icon of a hand with a thumb facing upward to vote.

I also had issues with the video loading correctly. I kept getting script errors and my page would freeze. I just told it to continue and it eventually worked.

So, be persistent! And, feel free to ask any of us if you run into trouble. I think you can vote only once...but not sure if it's a daily vote or a one time vote. And do forward to everyone you know, please!