Restless Legs Syndrome Blues

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Restless Legs Syndrome Blues

Post by Bjorn »

Songwriting is a hobby of mine. I sat down to write something in the traditional 12 bar blues style and it occurred to me that RLS
would certainly be a good subject for a blues song. So here it is: Restless Legs Syndrome Blues.
The lyrics pretty much describe my life before I was put on pramipexole.

Please let me know if this post violates some forum rules about posting links to other websites. I'm not selling anything, just sharing a song I wrote.
Thanks ... rome-blues

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Re: Restless Legs Syndrome Blues

Post by ViewsAskew »

Thanks for sharing, Bjorn. I enjoyed listening to it and was likely more interested in the lyrics than of any other song I've ever heard :-).
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Re: Restless Legs Syndrome Blues

Post by Yankiwi »

Bjorn, that's my nights in a nutshell. Thanks for writing it.

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Re: Restless Legs Syndrome Blues

Post by badnights »

nice. Thanks for that.
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Re: Restless Legs Syndrome Blues

Post by tea4one »

Thanks Bjorn!

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