RLS symptoms in your face

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RLS symptoms in your face

Post by Sadie »

I am a new RLS victim. I have been noticing in the last two days tingling in my left temple area, under my left eye, above my lip under my left nostril and down to my chin (mostly on the left side). Has anyone else had these symptoms in your facial area?


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Post by squirmy »

I posted awhile back with symptoms around my eyes while having an RLS episode. It only happened on that one night and the next day I thought maybe it was just my imagination, but I remember it hurt my eyes cause I would roll them far up in an effort to relieve the sensations, kind of like I stretch my legs to relieve the sensations. Tina
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Post by Kris »

I've never had any problems in my eyes, but I notice when I have a lot of pain that my eyelids will twitch a lot.

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