Nectar bed helps sleep

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Nectar bed helps sleep

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My husband read the Nectar bed is supposed to help with RLS. It is a type of foam mattress and can be used with ad adjustable bed frame. We bought one and it does seem to help. Having my legs elevated a little bit makes it less likely for me to flop like a fish all night long. In the past sleeping in a recliner was the only way I could get a decent night's sleep. It was like I was in a cocoon (or swaddled like a baby) and could not toss and turn so stayed in one spot and was able to sleep better than in a bed. Now my nectar mattress helps!

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Re: Nectar bed helps sleep

Post by Stainless »

We changed to Tempurpedic about a decade ago. Biggest advantage was my wife was able to live with my increasing PLMS. An improvement in both of our comfort but not RLS symptoms.

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Re: Nectar bed helps sleep

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We also changed to a memory foam mattress, much better.

There have been other members who have commented on the benefits of adjusting their bed in various ways.
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Re: Nectar bed helps sleep

Post by XenMan »

I heard of a Neurologist here in Oz that recommends a new bed for RLS, type unknown by me. My response to this 3rd hand information was very negative without going into details, as I have slept on numerous beds and haven't noticed a difference.

But I stand corrected, even if anecdotally. Mechanism? Maybe it is a physical treatment that gives more feedback to the brain similar to how moving your leg, compression or heat/cold stops symptoms. It is a win and more sleep for someone, so a big 'well done'.

This is one of those 'mattress in a box' types. I haven't slept on one, just a quick lie down, and it was very comfortable. I went down the Google rabbit hole to try and find some science, but there was nothing other than marketing and extreme creativity.

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