How / What Kind of Specialist to Pick?

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How / What Kind of Specialist to Pick?

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I am currently a patient of a neurologist, who was once very attentive, but went to becoming a doc/professor and is too busy to focus on patients. So, I am researching for another. From experience, is it best to start with a sleep center or find another neuro/movement disorder specialist?

I've had sleep studies in the past, but my current doctor never went by one, only by the symptoms, as she lists she is a specialist in rls.


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I talked to my sleep doctor once about the problems many people report here with neurologists and having trouble getting them to believe the problem isn't made up. He said that it's because neurologists tend to deal with a lot of people who are trying to fake problems to get disability payments, while sleep doctors generally deal with people who simply want to sleep. Thus, there's a somewhat higher chance that a neurologist may be jaded and wary.

Still, many people here deal with neurologists and have great results. Me, if I were to pick aribtrarily with no foreknowledge of the actual doctor, I'd pick a sleep doctor. However, your best bet is to find someone known to work well with RLS patients, regardless of discipline.

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