Come back soon, Mark

Anything on your mind that isn't about RLS? It's nice to realize that there is life beyond this disease and have an opportunity to get to know our online family in a different context.
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Come back soon, Mark

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Some of you may have noticed that Mark hasn't been here in the last few days. He asked us to post this:

Mark wrote:As some of you may know, I am currently spending time between two residences several states apart--one with a computer and one without. In the near future there will likely be large chunks of time when I will not have access to a computer and will be unable to fulfill the duties of moderator in the manner that I think is in the best interest of this Board and which the Board deserves. Consequently, I have resigned my moderator status. I hope to continue my presence here intermittently until (literally and figuratively) the dust settles. I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause for the Board.


I know that each Mod will miss him tremendously. He's been a wonderful asset to us in many ways. I hope he hurries back to his "old" home....or finds a computer in a dumpster 8)
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Mark............Thanks for all you do I will miss you~~~~~~~~Lyndarae
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Mark, you have been a true asset to this board in every way. Take care of yourself and come back to us in whatever form you can when the time is right for you.
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Take care Mark. Don't be too busy to still check in now and then. Thank you for your volunteer service,

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Yes, good luck Mark. Hope to see you soon.
Opinions presented by Discussion Board Moderators are personal in nature and do not, in any way, represent the opinion of the RLS Foundation

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I wondered where Mark was hope he comes back soon.


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Mark (M),

You have been a wonderful part of my soaking in the information on this horrid disease. I miss your input and candor. I hope you are well and will keep in touch. Know that we love you and miss you a lot -- but understand your situation.

Take care of yourself, my friend.

Love ya,
Cyn (58) (C)
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You already know how my heart feels.

But a Thank you is in order and that is from us all.

Your will not be away too long we hope, but do enjoy the freedom it brings, my friend.

I can't thank you enough for all you did for me.

New eyes when I needed them most.

Hugs and always, a moon full of my thoughts and prayers of peace for you.


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Thank you so much for all you've done here. You will be missed, as you can see. I hope you don't make yourself a stranger!!!!

With much respect
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