Link to Alzheimers and lack of sleep

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Link to Alzheimers and lack of sleep

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I'm not sure if this is what I watched on CBS one am but it sure sounds like it.

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I'm a little spaced out from all my medical problems, busted up back, RLS, etc., AND I may not be a scientific genius, but the article didn't satisfactorily resolve the problem of which came first, the chicken or the egg.

See, lack of sleep can be caused by MANY things, which so many sick people from all sorts of health issues don't sleep well. And let us say that an average surgeon doesn't get enough sleep, well, does that mean he might get Alzheimer's? Heck no. The article, in my opinion, should have been angled towards treatments for Alzheimer's, and SOME relationship between sleep deprivation and too many protein plaques building up in the brain. Instead it suggests lack of sleep can lead to Alzheimers.

In fact, this whole thing reminds me of the misnomer that RLS is a "sleep disorder." We all know it's not, rather a person who has RLS is likely to sleep less, but lack of sleep is NOT why a person has RLS!

But it's always interesting to read information that relates to our RLS symptoms, because one day somebody is gonna figure this thing out, and I just know physicians and researchers will scratch their heads and say, "How did all those people STAND living with this disease with such poor treatment all these years?" :shock:
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