Medical bracelet for your phone

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Medical bracelet for your phone

Post by yawny »

Another thread reminded me of one of my fears...finding myself incapacitated at a hospital where they perform emergency surgery on me without knowing my jumpy condition. I found an app that makes me feel better. The app displays my medical information on my phone's lock screen. It's free, and available for both iPhone and Android. For a fee, you can order printed cards with the same information for your wallet.

Also, it provides smart911 service from your phone. A service where you call 911, and automatically your medical information is sent to 911. You can sign up for this service via the app and it integrates with smart911. As a bonus, you can add additional information that helps the entire family, even the furry ones.

:shock: Thread that reminded me of this fear:

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Re: Medical bracelet for your phone

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Several years ago I was diagnosed with asthma and had a similar fear that an anesthesiologist at the hospital would not know of my somewhat compromised ability to breathe, so I signed up with one of the medical alert services where you can store and update your medical conditions. They provided a choice (for a fee) of various bracelets, necklaces, etc with your unique number so that the hospital would be able to get access not only to my records, but also the names and phone numbers for my various doctors. With RLS, this has become even more important since now there are 2 conditions that they would need to know about. My only challenge has been to keep the data as up to date as possible since I rarely remember to change it after one of my doctors fiddles with my meds and/or dosages.

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