Is bonine better (less trigger) than Dramamine?

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Is bonine better (less trigger) than Dramamine?

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Just got off the webinar this morning discussing triggers. They specifically mention Dramamine as a trigger, but did not mention Bonine. I did search the forum, with several posts having bonine (meclizine) on medications to avoid list. But no posts that discuss both Dramamine and Bonine.

I am heading to Europe next week, with the overnight flight that takes off around 6 pm, right at the beginning of my “trouble period”. For decades I have taken Bonine with every trip, as I get motion sick. But have not really had a long plane ride since RLS began about 2 years ago. Debating which “poison to pick” RLS or motion sickness.

Does anyone have direct experience comparing bonine to Dramamine Specifically as a trigger? I would like have bonine as an option on the flight, but really don’t want to make my RLS worse. I am confident that my ropinirole will keep the RLS in check on the plane, combined with massage/walking/compression and all my normal strategies. Hate to have the bonine negate that.



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Re: Is bonine better (less trigger) than Dramamine?

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In the book "Clinical Management of Restless Legs Syndrome", the authors indicate that bonine (meclizine) is known to be an RLS trigger. Their recommendation for a motion sickness med that has not been found to be a problem is the scopolamine patch.

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