How should I taper of my 1 mg of ropinirole?

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How should I taper of my 1 mg of ropinirole?

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I am seeing my neurologist on Monday and want to ask him to taper me off the 1 mg of ropinirole I am taking nightly as it does not seem to be working and I fear augmentation even though I have been on it less than a month. Unfortunately, I don't have a great deal of confidence in my neurologist so I want to go in prepared with knowledge of best practices in tapering off ropinirole. What is the proper procedure? My tablets are small and seem coated so cutting them in half or less is not going to work. Will I need him to prescribe a lower dose to use to wean me off the 1 mg. How long should it take? Any advice any of you can offer is greatly appreciated.

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Re: How should I taper of my 1 mg of ropinirole?

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No need to taper. Just stop it. Higher doses are more of a problem for people with RLS. Since you probably don't have RLS, you shouldn't have any withdrawal problems from just stopping it.

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Re: How should I taper of my 1 mg of ropinirole?

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Unless you have augmentation already, it shouldn't be a problem to stop it.
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