Iron Dextran IV

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Iron Dextran IV

Post by zeefy »

I was just approved for an Iron Dextran IV treatment. I'll be getting it next week. I heard you need to stop taking oral iron supplements before the treatment. Does anyone know anything about that? Such as, how long beforehand do you need to stop?

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Re: Iron Dextran IV

Post by Frunobulax »

Where have you heard that? As for the iron itself, oral iron absorption is very low. I'm not a specialist there but I think one IV will give you as much iron as months or even years of oral iron supplements. I wouldn't expect the oral supplements to have any effect there. Is there any other reason to stop iron supplements? I can't think of any.

(If you want to be safe, stop 48h before treatment. That way all iron should have cleared your digestive tract.)

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Re: Iron Dextran IV

Post by stjohnh »

You do not need to stop the oral iron before IV iron is given.

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