My long journey with rls

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Polar Bear
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My long journey with rls

Post by Polar Bear »

Hi folks, about a month ago I asked for advice on long haul travel and was told to try and get an opiod. My doc agreed and gave me codeine. My longest flight was 9 hours, Heathrow to Edmonton, Western Canada and I was very concerned about how I would cope. I didn't want to take any of my nightime requip when it was a morning flight. So I took 4mg diazepam and 30 mg codeine just before the take off and by 4 hours into the flight I was in tears. I was just beyond myself. Walking the aisles was not an option as there was always cabin crew and trolleys in the way so I spent quite some time at the rear of the cabin doing stretches and was so relieved to get off the plane. My poor family, hubby, 3 stepsons and step-daughter-in-law, were concerned and I didn't want to put a damper on the trip. We were all going to Canada from Belfast for our eldest son's wedding. (My only son).

Boy, was I prepared for the return journey.. .... tho as we were stopping in Toronto for a few days the flights were shorter. the first flight (4 hours) from Edmonton to Toronto was at lunchtime.... I did not care... I took 2mg of my nightime requip, 4 mg diazepam and 30 mg codeine. The flight was delayed and by the time I was in my seat in the aircraft the meds were well kicked in. I only had to read a page or two and I was already 'nodding' off. Then it happened!!! mechanical difficulties. Everyone off the aircraft and into the terminal again. Got another flight sorted out for the 6 of us, luckily the meds still held, and I had an rls free flight.

A few days later our flight from Toronto to London was at 6 pm, (but again delayed) so I had no qualms about taking my nightime requip, I was again well medicated with the requip, diazepam and codeine, I also used a blow up neck cushion to rest my shoeless feet upon and had a wonderful rls free journey. Got to read loads without disturbance and even dozed a little. I could have wept again, but this time with joy.

Thing is also, my rls had been pretty active in the weeks leading up to our trip and perhaps this was because of stress, organising the trip for 6 of us, and a pretty important trip at that (eldest son's wedding), we hadn't seen our eldest son for nearly a year,( tho we email nearly every day and talk on the phone every weekand) and hoping that his lovely Canadian bride to be and whom we hadn't seen for 18 months was as we remembered her and not a stranger, tho she had kept in touch with occasion emails. As it happend everything was wonderful, the wedding was terrific and our new daughter in law was just as we remembered. we had a great time in both Edmonton and Toronto. Therefore is it a coincidence that my rls was less severe within a day or so of arriving in Canada, and although is still present, is much more easily dealt with since arriving home after a wonderfully happy family trip. My only regret is that our son is on the other side of the world and unlikely ever to return to work near to our home because of the nature of both of their careers, they are both Doctors (not in the medical sense) he is a research scientist and our new daughter-in-law is an orchestral musician.

Sorry, I have been rambling, haven't I???

Next trip I have, be it by aircraft or even a long car journey, no matter what time of the day, the requip will probably play a part along with the other meds. I reckon if it is only occasional use, it won't be too harmful to have a little extra dose if required.

Thinks for listening to a happy and proud mum.

goodnight, Betty
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Post by Neco »

I wouldn't say it is a coincidence that your RLS calmed down once things settled in. Aside from the flight out there, you had a good time and probably got a lot of your chest seeing people again.

I had never flown until I went home last year, but I had the same concerns, although my flight was only 2 hours, heh.. I pretty much slept both ways and woke up 10 or 15 minutes before landing each time, between my Tramadol, Librax, and Dramamine.

I noticed about half-way through my 2 weeks stay my IBS improved, my RLS didn't bother me -too- much and I was virtually undepressed the whole time. I got to tie up a lot of loose ends and see a lot of people and I just improved across the board ever since coming back.

Our bodies are weird like that, sometimes you fix or help a problem and don't even know it.

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my long journey with rls

Post by ctravel12 »

Hi Betty welcome back and so glad that you got back safely. When I first started reading your post I felt so bad and hope that it would get better. Well it did on your return trip. Meanwhile for 9 hours you were miserable going there. .

What a wonderful thing to see your son get married and enjoying your new daughter--in-law. That must be hard to be that far apart. Who knows maybe one day they will suprirse you with a nice visit.

I am so glad that on your returned flight it was rls free for you. You know you just have to do what makes things better for you. I am sure if I was in your shoes ( in fact I know I would) do the same thing.

It so good to see you post again with a smile on your face.
Taking one day at a time

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Post by Rubyslipper »

I for one have always been afraid to take too much medicine, especially on a long air trip when I amy by myself. But my dear friend Becat has helped me see the error of my ways. I'm still working on the correct dosage because I have to be alert enough when the flight is over to find my way around. Otherwise I might wander tha airport terminal and be mistaken for a druggie! I am so silly sometimes that it just never occured to me that I might occasionally take extra meds to avoid triggering a bad RLS experience. I'd be into a bad one and by that time meds just don't help me. Thank goodness I did some quality time with Miss Becat in San Antonio who asked, "Who told you that you couldn't take extra meds if you need them?' DUH! Of course we all know what happens if you take too many and then run out before your next refill too. (Days of Our Lives)!! Betty, I'm so glad that everything worked out for you and that you are a happy and proud mom. Thanks for letting us know all about it.
You've always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself! (Glinda of Oz)

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Post by becat »

I'm a saint! LOL roll me over, you crack me up my love. I didn't do much, just wanted you to see how much so many of us think your worth. Your worth a good Quality of Life Ruby. No a great Quality of Life. I treasure my time with you my dear.
Betty, Ruby, anyone, my point with Miss Ruby was simple.
Who told us that we were required to live in pain, uncomfortable, and sleepless? Who? If told, tell that person to step off! They don't live in our bodies.
I would lay money on the fact that any doc worth their own salt would remember being a resident, sleepless, and trying to live with a jumbled brain........if they really remember that, then they should understand us so much better. We don't get a break unless we make it happen. Hate to say it but it is true. Lord knows it's hard enough to travel for some of us, why should it be torture. So if we prepare for a trip part of that should be a call to the doc and extra help.
I lost a beautiful vacation with my family more than once. Never again.
Locked up, unable to walk, in pain, and sitting on a porch when the moutain in front of me held my family enjoying the hike and the views. never again.
Betty, I'm so glad you got home safe. Congrats on the wedding. Even better you got to be there. I really wish painful, uncomfortable or not I would easily do the same. So many places I'd love to see with my own eyes..........and I will.
Ya'll hang in there with me, we have a great journey to make.
Love hugs and the moon

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