Sleeping Arrangements

Share how living with this disease can and does impact your relationships. How do you cope? What questions to you have?
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Hey Scarlett

I'm one of the ones who can atest to RLS being a marriage destroyer and was married & divorced by the time I was 30.

Over two years later I'm living with a wonderful man who, thankfully, sleeps like a rock (the snoring depends on his sleeping position), but who also makes sure I'm ok when I get breakthrough symptoms during the day. He also insists that I wake him up if I have any problems during the night.

When I first started visiting (I lived in another town 100kms away), I hated his bed because it had a very cheap inner-spring mattress on it and I'd barely sleep at all. Now, since I moved in, we've turffed the old bed and have my bed in the room. I did a LOT of research on different mattresses when I was living on my own and finally settled on one that didn't quite break the bank, but we're glad I did pay for the quality.

It's one of those mattresses that has the inner-springs in individual "pockets" which reduces the movement of one person to pretty much nil on the other side of the bed.

Also, i'm one of the very few members here who has pure RLS ... no PLMD. When I fall asleep, that's it, i'm asleep. I find it easiest to sleep on my back and have noticed over the past few months that when I wake, I'm still on my back.

Intimacy ... yes ... well ... um ... we're in a bit of a rut at the moment too so you're far from being alone; but it's a combination of things; not just RLS. Cuddles in bed are fine, as long as he doesn't put a foot near my legs or I'm off like a rocket outta bed.


Zach ... you, my dear, had me in stiches with laughter at your suggestion :lol: I don't see anythin sick about it; you just gotta get creative. There are many ways & means of achieving satisfaction when there are three little "light sleepers" about ... 8) :wink:

My philosophy is simply this: Life is too short to be diplomatic. Your friends should not care what you do, or say; and for those who are not your friends ... their loss!!!

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