Pregnant with RLS

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Pregnant with RLS

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Wow, I am misrable and cannot take anything, the hot boths just don't cut it anymore please help me.



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I meant Hot Baths don't help me anymore.
I take 10mg of Ambien at night, but doens't help either.

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Hey Guest, I wish I could help you with more than just words, I can here the pain in your post. Im not a doc by any means but I would say to you the first thing is DONT PANICK!!!!! That only makes it worse. I know you cant take anything when you are pregant, my daughter is in the same boat. Do you have a heating pad? If not ask your hubby to go get you one.Trying to force yourself to sleep wont help so if you could find something to take your mind off it. You must be exhusted!! The prenatal vitiams are good my daughter got some extra iron and that really helped her. But until you can talk to your doc, I would just suggest you try to stay as relaxed about the sisuation as possible. I know its hard but try to find something to calm your mind and body. Im so sorry I cant be of more help to you but Im here if you just need to vent!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Lyndarae



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Thanks so much.
I will try to get a heating pad.
The Ambien pills help me to sleep once I fall asleep, but it's falling asleep that kills me.
Pregnancy causes RLS to be so out of control that I want to literally cut off my legs sometimes. It's HORRIBLE.
The doc says Ambien is safe for me during pregnancy, but what really helps my RLS is Neurontin, and I cannot take that during my pregnancy.
Thanks for your advice and help.

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Have you been to the So Cal Support group ( You can both read through the posts or post yourself and Dr Buchfurer will respond. This may be common knowledge, but in case it's not, to search for a word that might be on a web page, on a PC, hit Ctrl + F and you can enter the search word. I just mention it because it makes trying to find something specfic on the LONG pages at a lot easier so you don't have to read every post but can find the ones that deal with pregnancy.

It mus be awful for you right now. I wish you all the luck in finding a solution that will help you and not hurt the baby.

I did a search here and there was a post: that talked about pregnancy. Lots of links in it. And the Yahoo RLS/PLMD group had a couple of posts recently: 34110 and 35044.


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As if being pregnant isn't already hard enough. I have a three year old daughter and when I was pregnant with her, my RLS really flared up. The most relief I found was also with a heating pad and elevating my legs with lots of pillows. I took a magnesium supplement which seemed to help some. When the pain got really bad, my husband would massage my legs with Icy/Hot and that too seemed to help tremendously. I feel for you and hope you find relief somehow. Good Luck! :)


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