RLS and Dopamine Levels

Here you can share your experiences with substances that are ingested, inhaled, or otherwise consumed for the purpose of relieving RLS, other than prescription medications. For example, herbal remedies, nutritional supplements, diet, kratom, and marijuana (for now) should be discussed here. Tell others of successes, failures, side effects, and any known research on these substances. [Posts on these subjects created prior to 2009 are in the Physical Treatments forum.]

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RLS and Dopamine Levels

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Here is a website where you can find scientific proof that:

a. inflammation has a negative effect on dopamine levels
b. the most common RLS remedies have a positive effect on dopamine levels
c. the most common RLS antagonists (msg, sugar, gluten etc.) have a negative effect on dopamine levels


You can find out similar scientific evidence about RLS and the nervous system here: http://www.rlcure.com/nervoussystem.html

This page features some natural dopamine agonists that you can check out:

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