Icons on the Forum page, at left of each Topic

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Icons on the Forum page, at left of each Topic

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This will be updated as we figure it out, but since people have been asking, I thought I would start the answer. Please contribute if you already know :)

When you open a Forum page (e.g., the Pharmaceustical Therapies forum), the Topics (aka Threads) are listed with an icon to the left of each.

Shapes: Most of the icons are round and contain a little note-pad picture; these designate Normal topics.
A lightbulb shape marks an Sticky topic. It always stays at the top of the main section. Stickies are made by Moderators.
A round icon containing an itaclic i is an Announcement topic. These are contained in a separate section at the top. Announcements are made by Moderators, and can be set to display in all forums instead of just one.

The notepad icon that denotes a Normal topic has various appearances:
If it's red, there are posts you haven't read in that topic.
If it's scrolling, ....?
If it has a red star on it, there's a post by you in the thread somewhere .

Feel free to add to this
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