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I've been on DA drugs and didn't find them all that effective for my rls, I'm currently on 400mg of gabapenton 3 x a day and find it to be most effective so far.

My rls has gotten manageable as the strange painfull sensations in my arms and legs have slowly dissipated downwards from my entire arms and legs to only my feet and hands with every increase in dose. The pain will get worse when I have over worked my arms and legs such as lots of walking/standing or using my hands (I'm a Machanic).

Before being on gabapenton I felt rls was the cause to all these issues but is it possible that rls is secondary and I may have something like peripheral neuropathy as well? Or does what I discribe make since with rls?

I'll add that I've had symptoms of rls for as long as I can remember but didn't have this pain.

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Re: Gabapenton

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Sure, it's possible. We have had several people here who've had both. And, given that the dopamine drugs didn't work well, it makes it more likely - they wouldn't have helped the pain of neuropathy.
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