RLS Discussion Board - Usage Policy and Guidelines

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RLS Discussion Board - Usage Policy and Guidelines

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Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS) Discussion Board - Usage Policy and Guidelines

Posts and information on this discussion board are based on personal experiences and recommendations; they should not be considered a substitute for the advice of a healthcare provider.

General guideline

Be respectful to all others, in posts and in private messages. We want the board to remain a place where people feel welcome and want to participate.

There are specific legal rules regarding doctor patient relationships; no one here should give medical advice or tell someone what to do in a way that sounds as if it's medical advice. Posts that cross this line will be deleted.

Try to stay on topic. If a Topic strays too far from the intent of the original poster, start a new Topic.

If you’d like to post about something that is not RLS-related, head over to the Everything Else forum. Remember, keep it respectful to all.

If you have a personal or financial relationship with a company or product you are posting about, be sure to disclose this information clearly in every Topic in which you discuss it. Promotion of any sort is not permitted.

Note that you have a limited time in which you can edit your post. Please check to see if others have already replied to the material you plan to edit, and do your best to avoid the confusion caused by removing what they’ve responded to.

The private messaging system facilitates minor communications between members that would not be of interest to the full community. It is not available to new members for 3 days. Please contact a moderator if this is a problem.

Usage Policy

The Board is not to be used for any purpose other than support and information for people affected by or interested in RLS.

Abusive posts will not be tolerated. Use of the private message (pm) system to abuse other members will not be tolerated.

Do not attempt to sell anything. We do allow some posting of web addresses, but at the discretion of the moderators, these can be removed at any time, especially if they lead to commercial sites.

Do not link to pages that have nothing to do with RLS, and specifically not to sexually explicit sites or sites that promote hatred.

No duplication of posts, please. Once on the entire discussion board is enough.

Because these guidelines cannot cover all potential mis-uses of the Board, the moderators may remove or edit any post that is deemed to be a mis-use of the board. This will not be done without reason; please contact a moderator if you think such an action has been taken in error.

Repeat offenders may eventually be blocked from the Board.

Please report any personal attack or violation of these guidelines to a moderator, via private message (pm) or rlsfmods@bb.rls.org.
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