Archived: Registration Procedure as of 12/24/2011

Registration is approved by moderators; process may take 24-48 hours. Please note: You must register SEPARATELY to use the Discussion Board even if you are a RLS Foundation member. Membership does not automatically create a Discussion Board registration.
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Archived: Registration Procedure as of 12/24/2011

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We are currently allowing users to complete their own registrations. All registrations must be reviewed by moderators. The process usually takes between 24-48 hours. If you register and your registration is not approved within 48 hours, please email us at
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Re: Registration Procedure as of 12/24/2011

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To register, click the REGISTER link at the bottom of the page ( Accept the conditions,
then fill in the required fields including the Why Join field (this does not have to be long or complex; it is designed to eliminate registration by spammers).

We look forward to hearing from you!
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