Super Foods for RLS

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Super Foods for RLS

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Having spent the last 6 months figuring out my food triggers (histamines), I have now turned by attention to foods that may assist in dampening my RLS symptoms by supplying the building blocks for dopamine production and increased blood flow, and providing a dietary source of iron. Because histamine foods trigger my symptoms, I also looked for foods potentially reduce my reaction to histamines. Here they are, in no particular order...

Red meat -- dopamine and iron levels, decreases histamines.
Salmon -- dopamine and blood flow; may help to decrease histamines although may still provoke a histamine reaction unless freshly caught and eaten immediately or flash frozen on the boat.
Chicken & Turkey -- dopamine and iron levels; decreases histamines
Broccoli -- dopamine, iron levels; decreases histamines
Spinach -- dopamine, iron levels, increased blood flow; may provoke a histamine reaction
Raw Cacao -- dopamine, iron levels, increased blood flow; may provoke a histamine reaction
Legumes (chick peas, beans, lentils, peanuts) -- dopamine, iron levels, increased blood flow; may provoke histamine reaction
Almonds, pistachios -- dopamine, increased blood flow; almonds may decrease histamines
Pumpkin seeds -- dopamine, iron levels; decrease histamines

There are other foods that similarly contain the building blocks for dopamine (l-tyrasine), increase blood flow, are a dietary source of iron, and that decrease reactions to histamines. I think of the above list as my "super food" list because it hits a least three categories for me.

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Re: Super Foods for RLS

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thank you for this:). When you say " may provoke a histamine reaction" do you mean you regard it as a superfood despite its potential for adverse effects related to histamine, becuase the iron-dopamine-bloodflow benefits are so good?
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