Returning to NeuPro but...

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Returning to NeuPro but...

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Once upon a time, I took 1 mg NeuPro with great success to treat my symptoms. Then I had to switch from it due to cost. I've been on Methadone (10 mg)/Oxycodine 10 mg) for 2 years. The narcotics work very good but would like to get off them due to nasty side effects.

Lately I was lucky enough to find a new cost effective way to return to Neupro! However.....damn it, no longer effective at 1-3 mg. Doc and I are experimenting with higher dosages but at some higher dosage I run into the same old cost issue.

My question - have others experienced a lessening of effectiveness over with a return to NeuPro patch from other drugs? Just wondering if this is common. It's very disappointing because it worked so well in the past. No muss - no fuss - no side effects.

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Re: Returning to NeuPro but...

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Just one thought...when we stop opioids, we can have symptoms that feel almost identical to RLS/WED. Because some of them have a long half-life, it can take several weeks to get them out of your system and have the other meds work at the lower dose.
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