Short-Term Disability Question

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Short-Term Disability Question

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Has anyone gone on short-term disability due to RLS? I’m wondering how to go about this and would like some help on who to turn to. I don’t have a primary care physician at the moment.

I have had a patella tendon injury for several years. It has not healed due to the lack of sleep from RLS. The knee injury is now causing issues with my spine and neck, making it difficult to work for 8 hours at a desk. Sitting greatly exacerbates the spine/neck issues and standing isn’t an option because of the knee. I’d like to go on short term disability for 2-3 months to give it time to heal. This would also allow me to sleep more during the day.

I’m 100% confident this time off would fix me up. However I’m not sure who to ask a doctor’s note from - my physiatrist/orthopedic surgeon or my neurologist? Or, should I find a primary care physician to oversee this? My experience is that specialists are reluctant to do shorty term disability because of the paperwork.

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Re: Short-Term Disability Question

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I don't know about short term disability.

I have a friend whose brother was an airline pilot, got RLS and was unable to do his job. He is on long term disability due to RLS.

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Re: Short-Term Disability Question

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I got permanent disability due to short term memory loss directly related to sleep deprivation caused by RLS and leg spasms.
Good luck.

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