Doctor near St Petersburg Florida?

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Doctor near St Petersburg Florida?

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A friend who is looking for a doctor near her home in St Petersburg. Does anyone know of one? Appreciate any help.

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Re: Doctor near St Petersburg Florida?

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I can't offhand recall anyone here mentioning a good WED/RLS doctor anywhere in Florida. The closest RLS Quality Care Center is the Emory Sleep Clinic Center in Atlanta. There is also the Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville. It might be worth it for your friend to call all the QCCs ( and ask if they would do telemedicine for a patient in Florida. If not, it would probably be worth whatever cost was involved to travel for an appointment. WED/RLS takes away so much of one's life. It is worth a lot to get it treated properly.
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Re: Doctor near St Petersburg Florida?

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I certainly wish we had more knowledge of doctors that were well-versed in treating this dratted disease.
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