RLS and epidural for back pain

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RLS and epidural for back pain

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My wife has back pain from degenerative disc disease. Her doctor has recommended a series of 3 epidural injections in her spine to help relieve the pain. She had this procedure two years ago and was helped by them but the RLS had not appeared yet. She is concerned about the injections affecting the RLS that she has now. Please share your positive and negative experiences that you hvae had with this kind of procedure. Thanks

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I didn't have the exact same procedure, but did receive an epidural during labor 6 years ago. Although I'm sure the medication for acute vs. chronic pain is quite different, I wanted to share my experience.

My RLS was raging, worst ever, during the epidural treatment. If my mom hadn't been there to massage my legs I would have lost my mind.

Hopefully your wife will have a better experience--good luck.

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what epidural was your wife given? sometimes a long acting narcotic is injected, sometimes a local anesthetic (i.e. lidocaine) is used.

not sure if lidocaine would affect RLS, but a long acting narcotic (i.e. fentanyl) would surely help RLS. since it's been 2 years, the effects may have worn off



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I've had several steriodal epidurals for low abck pain prior to my recent surgery. They didn't seem to e=affecr my RLS at all but of course I was also taking hydrocodone for the pain and it reliefs my RLS very well.
Perhaps ask the Dr what meds he will use and see if they are on the Mayo algorythem?

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There are anecdotal reports of back procedures making RLS worse. But, nothing is noted in the scientific literature according to Dr Picchietti. He recently surmised that back surgeries make it worse because of the huge loss of blood, which depletes the iron stores, which set off RLS.

But, that doesn't account for people who say other "procedures" not surgeries made their RLS worse or caused RLS.

I know that I'd be worried, too, but I wouldn't have a clue as to what to do about it. She probably needs this procedure to help her. And, short of proof you only have people's experience to go on. And, we never know the "why" of each person's experience, so can't know if it will apply to us or not.

I hope she finds relief from the back pain...and that the RLS does not get worse.
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