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Hi Everyone--

Dr. Ilia Itin, Cleve Clinic neurologist, is outstanding. Saw him a month ago after dissatisfaction with another RLS specialist.

Older than me and called me "Mrs." Was respectful to the extent I felt like he was a service provider looking to please me, not the intimidating demeanor many docs carry. REALLY listened to my unique issues. Mapped out a plan based on that, his experience, and also offered plans B, C, D etc. Seemed sincerely interested in my welfare and asked me to fax him a progress report in a month so he would hear my direct words, not interpreted thru a sec'y over the phone.

He is currently working with me over the phone on a temporary med adjustment (b/c allergy drug I'm taking exacerbating RLS) very supportive and encouraging, not making me feel like a bother.

I have only met one other doc this respectful, understanding and dedicated to my individual problem (was a high-risk pregnancy) in my lifetime.

If anyone is looking for a new doc and could possibly travel to see him, in my opinion he is worth it. I was thinking before I typed this post--how far would I drive to see this guy, if he wasn't close. I would honestly drive 3 hrs one way. He's that good.

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Wow Pedrime that is awesome for sure.

Wait did you say "asked me to fax him a progress report in a month so he would hear my direct words, not interpreted thru a sec'y over the phone. ?????

Get out! That is even better than I could dream of.

I say you send in his ? her contact information and a short comment, just like this post to the Foundation. Let they have a good name for your area on the list.

And, I would make sure he is a member of the RLS as well, yes Docs join and get medical information all the time. Think it's $75 a year and they can write that off the office taxes, so no loss on thier part, just pure gain!

Yeah for you! Can't wait to hear about the success story shortly!

I have horrible allergies as well. And boy, Dallas doesn't know if it should bloom everything right now or again in two weeks. It is not a great thing for my head, poor sinuses, or my RLS.
Now if they would make an allergy med for us! I know that some of the newer ones Should be ok, but I still react.

I hope everything blooms fast for you and you have little to suffer!



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Wow, Pedrime, that's great! Especially the part about offering plan a, plan b, plan c, etc. I like doctors who are into options and give us choices. And he wants a fax? Gosh. I'd like a doctor who would answer emails or faxes. Shoot, I'd like a doctor who had staff members who call back the same day, instead of sometime thenext week.

At Mayo, the doctors address people by titles. I kind of liked it when they'd call me "Rev. Burns." But generally, I just wished they'd used my name and given me better treatment.

I'm still looking for a good RLS doctor, but Ohio is just a bit too far to travel. :wink:

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